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TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a material that has the processing properties of thermoplastic and the elasticity of rubber.TPE materials can be plasticized at high temperatures, maintain a fixed shape after cooling, and soften and shape when heated again, so the processing method is similar to that of thermoplastic, and it is easy to be recycled and reused.

We use these TPE pellets to produce TPE foam sheets and customize and process them into a variety of TPE products.

Twelve different colors of TPE granular substances, which are placed in clear glass bottles, each with a round base. From left to right and top to bottom, the colors of these granular substances are red, brown, green, white, blue, light yellow, gray, beige, pink, orange and yellow. The granules look like small particles of TPE plastic or chemical material, and are brightly colored and neatly arranged, giving them an industrial feel as well as visual appeal.

TPE offers shorter vulcanization times and lower energy consumption than traditional vulcanized rubber, and does not require the use of harmful vulcanizing agents, making it more environmentally friendly in the production process.

TPE materials according to the chemical structure can be divided into several categories, such as styrene TPE (SBS, SEBS, etc.), polyolefin TPE (TPO, TPV, etc.), polyurethane TPE (TPU), and so on.

These materials are widely used in a variety of products in daily life, such as automobile parts, electronic products, medical equipment, shoes, toys, etc., mainly because they have good physical and mechanical properties, flexibility, chemical resistance and environmental protection.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials are known by several aliases, which are often based on their chemical structure, performance characteristics, or specific application areas. TPR, TPU, TPO, TPV, SBS, SEBS. they reflect the diversity of TPE materials and applications in different areas. Since TPE is a generic term for a large group of materials, different types of TPEs have different properties and applications.

A large mechanical plant in an industrial environment for the production of EVA and TPE foams. It looks like an automated production line assembly, consisting mainly of a white metal frame with a complex system of pipes and cables attached to it. On the left side, we can see a section with multiple cylinders or hydraulics that appear to be used to drive the movement or operation of the machine. There are also a number of electronic control panels and other sensors spread across the machine. The whole scene gives the impression of high-tech, precision manufacturing.

TPE Foaming Process

  • Batching: The proportions of different raw materials are prepared according to the formula calculated by the engineers.
  • Mixing: The raw materials are thoroughly mixed and blended.
  • Extruding: Extruding and weighing the semi-finished mass to obtain a standard weight mass.
  • Foaming: Foaming the raw material mass into the specified size sheet after high temperature and high pressure.

Parameters of TPE sheet

We can customize the parameters of hardness, density, elasticity, tearing and so on as per customer’s requirement.

MaterialHardness (Shore C)Density (kg/m3)Foam RateWater Absoprtion (%)
*Parameters are for reference only and are customized according to customer requirements.

Areas of application and products of TPE materials

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) foam sheets are widely used in a number of fields and products due to their unique properties, such as light weight, flexibility, good resilience and abrasion resistance.

Insoles and shoe materials

3 TPE insoles, which are stacked on top of each other. The top insole is labeled "100" and the bottom two insoles are each labeled "100". These numbers may indicate the thickness of the insoles or a specific logo. Overall, the insoles are dark gray in color and appear to have a non-slip surface.

TPE foam is commonly used to make shoe insoles, which can provide good foot support and shock absorption due to its good elasticity and comfort.

Cushioning and Packaging Materials

Two rectangular blocks of different colors which appear to be some sort of mold or cavity structure. The block on the left is white and has multiple complex black cavity structures inside that appear to be interconnected to form a multilayer structure. The block on the right is black and has an internal cavity structure similar to the one in the white block on the left, but of a different color. Both blocks may be part of some sort of manufacturing process for casting, injection molding, or other molding techniques. Their precision and complexity suggest that they may be used to produce parts or assemblies that require high precision.

In the packaging of electronic products, home appliances and precision instruments, TPE foam sheets are used to provide cushioning and protection to reduce vibration and shock during transportation.

Seals and gaskets

Four different TPE/EVA sealing gaskets or vibration damping rings
The first is a black sponge with multiple rectangular bumps which is fixed to a yellow background.
The second is a number of individual black rectangular sponges which appear to be detached versions of the first.
The third is a white and black strip that appears to be an adhesive sticker or label.
The fourth is an object consisting of a yellow color and multiple black circular objects, possibly a filter or decoration of some sort.

Due to its excellent weatherability and chemical resistance, TPE foam is used as seals for doors, windows, automobiles and other mechanical equipment.

Sporting Goods

8 rolled up TPE yoga mats, they are neatly arranged and the colors are from left to right: blue-green, dark green, blue, purple, pink, violet, brown, light pink and flesh color. Each yoga mat was very brightly colored, and the surface appeared to be a bit textured, probably for non-slip. The yoga mats are rolled up and show a spiral shape at the ends with a slight bulge in the center section.

TPE foam is often used in sporting goods such as exercise mats, yoga mats, helmet interior liners, etc. to provide the necessary flexibility and protection.

Automotive interiors

A variety of styles of car foot mats. They are all black in color and appear to be made of a sturdy material, possibly rubber or TPE or EVA foam. These foot mats are customized to fit different areas of the vehicle's interior, including sections for the front driver's seat, passenger's seat, rear passenger's seat, and the vehicle's center aisle. Each section is shaped and sized to fit the interior of that area to ensure a snug fit, as well as a non-slip feature.

TPE foam can be used in automotive interiors such as door panels, dashboards, floors, and other components to enhance the texture and shock absorption properties of the interior.

Electronic accessories

A dark gray block cut into various shapes with multiple recessed sections that appear to have been cut from a specific mold. Specifically, it appears to be a type of EVA/TPE foam liner used for packaging or storage, typically to protect fragile items during transportation. Based on the shape in the image, the depressions could be used to hold bottles, cups, or other cylindrical items.

used in the manufacture of electronic products such as grips, protective covers, keyboards and other components to provide a comfortable grip and good protection.

Sound insulation and sound absorption materials

Two black pieces of material with a regular tapered protrusion structure which are stacked on a white background. The top of each conical protrusion is sharp, while the bottom is smooth, giving an overall symmetrical pattern. The structure looks like an acoustic absorption material, often used to reduce indoor noise.

TPE foam sheets have good sound insulation and sound absorption properties, and can be used for sound insulation and noise reduction in construction and transportation.


A variety of EVA/TPE foam products in different colors, shapes and sizes. They appear to be grips or handles for various devices for slip resistance and comfort. These products include cylindrical, oval and other irregular shapes. Some of the products have smooth surfaces while others have bumpy designs. Their colors range from black to orange to red, and some are yellow, blue and white. A black spherical object with white text can also be seen in the upper left corner of the image.

In industrial applications, TPE foams are used as gaskets, pads and support materials to reduce vibration and noise.

Toys and children’s products

Multiple colorful TPE/EVA mats, TPE/EVA mats consist of square modules in pink, white and dark blue colors. On the TPE/EVA floor mat, we can see a unicorn doll lying on the pink module, next to an open book and a soccer ball. There is also a chair and some decorations scattered around. The whole scene gives off a cozy and fun feeling.

Due to its safety and flexibility, TPE foam is used in the manufacture of children’s toys and toddler products.




TPE materials are recyclable and can be recycled and reprocessed to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

Compared with traditional vulcanized rubber, TPE materials do not require the use of harmful vulcanizing agents, thus reducing the potential harm to the environment and human body.

A pair of hands holds a white piece of paper with a green recyclable symbol on it. In the background is a blurred nature scene, possibly mountains and vegetation. The nails of the hands are painted with purple nail polish.
A man rolls up a green yoga mat in an outdoor grassy area. From the shooter's perspective, the person is wearing a light blue top and a watch with a white strap. Hands are pressed against the yoga mat, as if preparing to start an outdoor activity or just finishing one. The entire scene conveys a sense of a healthy lifestyle, and the fuzzy greenery in the background adds to the serene and harmonious atmosphere.
A serene natural scene.At the center of the scene is a green meadow with several tall trees.In the distance is a series of rolling mountains, the colors of which fade from near to far, giving a layered look. The sky is blue with some white clouds. The whole picture gives a sense of tranquility and harmony.

TPE materials are easier and faster to process than thermoset rubber, thus saving energy and reducing production time.

TPE foam can be used to reduce environmental pollution by replacing traditional plastic materials such as PVC. This substitution helps to reduce environmental pollution while maintaining or enhancing product performance.

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